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    The Future is Boron!


    Boron is promising


    Boron is everywhere inthe life from glass industry to nuclear applications, from health to energy sector.  


    Application areas of boron

    About Boren

    We are striving for achieving a widespread usage of boron products and technologies, applicability and development of new boron products in Turkey and in the world.

    About BOREN


    We support your projects

    Solution is close to you!

    BOREN supports your projects by being in collaboration with public and private legal entities using boron and boron products and/or conducting research in this field. 

    Application Requirements


    BOREN adds value to boron.

    BOREN, the National Boron Research Institute, was founded by virtue of a special statute with a view to serving to the evolution of boron in Turkey across its superior supply capacity buttressed by its intellectual leadership and cooperative network.

    With its apostle position in boron research in the country, BOREN guides scientific leaders to adding value to boron, industrial establishments and further to product and service suppliers creating value with boron across a sense of cooperation.

    BOREN provides insight for innovative initiat+ives in the research, development and commercialization of boron products and technologies.

    BOREN adopts the concepts of multi-disciplinary work with stakeholders and consistent development in all processes as its key principles. BOREN implements projects through the approach of developing boron-based products and technologies and fostering collaborations in commercial applications.

    BOREN provides solutions delivering benefits to scientific leaders for the sake of enhancing the efficiency and spectrum of scientific studies on boron.

    We kindly invite industrial organizations and entrepreneurs seeking to create values with boron to contact with BOREN for discussing business needs, and introducing our services and actual processes.


    Scientific leaders, what can we do with boron?